Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital is the 1st NABH accredited eye superspeciality hospital in North,East and West Zone of India. It is also ISO 9001-2008 Certified


Vision for Rural Jharkhand :  Twenty two years ago, she began her crusade by screening 10,000 children in Government schools at Ramgarh, 40 kms from Ranchi. Till date, she has completed eye screening of 17 lakh school children, distributed free spectacles, and operated visually challenged children at Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital, Ranchi. She is working with national rural Health Mission for Cataract Removal Project of children in government schools in Jharkhand.

IMPACT- Thousands of children are now back to school :  

1.Eye Donation Awareness As founder trustee of Kashyap Memorial Eye Bank, she has been organising Run for Vision every year since 2005, encouraging people and families to pledge their eyes. IMPACT- Till date Eye Bank has received 434 corneas and grafted 374 corneas, free of cost.

2. Diabetic Retinopathy Awareness She is actively involved in diabetic retinopathy awareness campaign, holding screening camps in Ranchi and other towns. IMPACT- Free treatment to those diagnosed has helped improve their quality of life.

3. Roshni Campaign for Premature Babies To her credit goes the launching of Abhiyan Roshni for identifying pre term babies at risk of ROP, providing free treatment including surgeries. IMPACT- Abhiyan Roshni has helped prevent blindness in newborns.

4. Cervical cancer and Anemia Prevention campaigns As chairperson, Women's Doctors Wing, IMA, Jharkhand, she is also waging a war against ailments in reproductive health of women, by organizing cervical cancer and anemia screening and prevention camps, providing free treatment to women suffering from pre cancer and organising training for women doctors of state run hospitals , on cervical screening through VIA Screening methodology and CRYO treatment for early detection of cervical cancer in women IMPACT- Hundreds of women throughout Jharkhand have been made more confident to take control of their lives.