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Medical Board

From the Chairman’s Desk

Today when Bio-Science is developing leaps & bounds, a Superspeciality hospital was a thing mostly awaited in this region which has witnessed continuous drainage of talent & resources to different parts of the country. The Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital’s endeavour lies in treating people not only from this region but also from various parts of the country.

Dr. B P Kashyap

MD and CEO

Greatness is on people’s mind now when they think about Jharkhand. Not only people from the region but also people from all corners of the country acknowledge Jharkhand’s contribution in many arenas including health.

We have grown from a general eye care hospital founded over 5 decades back in 1966 to The Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital, a tertiary care eye hospital with latest technology, multi subspecialty capability, with state-of-the art facilities and world class infra-structure. Keeping abreast of the global standards in infrastructure, facilities, protocols and procedures, quality staff and faculty members well trained in their sub specializations at the best eye care institutes, we are now poised to reach all corners of the country.

Dr. Bharti Kashyap