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Lasik Laser Eye Surgry in Ranchi, Jharkand

What is LASIK?

LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is a popular and highly effective surgical procedure used to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The procedure involves the use of a laser to reshape the cornea, the clear outer layer of the eye, in order to improve the way light enters the eye and is focused on the retina.

Process of LASIK

The surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis and takes less than 30 minutes per eye. During the procedure, the surgeon will first create a small flap in the cornea using a laser or a blade. Then, the laser is used to reshape the cornea to the desired shape. The flap is then placed back into its original position to heal.

One of the main benefits of LASIK is that it is a quick and relatively painless procedure. Most patients experience little to no pain during or after the surgery and can resume their normal activities within a day or two. Additionally, the results of LASIK are often immediate, with patients noticing an improvement in their vision within 24 hours of the procedure.

LASIK is considered a safe and effective procedure, with a high success rate. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are some risks and potential complications. These may include infection, dry eyes, glare or halos around lights, under or over correction of vision, and even in rare cases, loss of vision. Your surgeon will be able to discuss these risks with you in more detail and help you decide if LASIK is the right option for you.

Pre-LASIK Check-up

Before undergoing LASIK, it's important to have a thorough eye exam and consultation with a qualified surgeon to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. To be a suitable candidate, you must be over 18 years old, have a stable prescription for at least a year, have healthy eyes and not have any serious eye conditions.

Overall, LASIK is a highly effective and safe option for people who wish to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. It can greatly improve your quality of life and give you the freedom to enjoy your daily activities without the inconvenience of wearing corrective lenses.