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Retina Surgery Doctor in Ranchi, Jharkand

Retina surgery doctor in Ranchi

Problems Associated with Retina

There are four main types of disorders which are related to the retina:

  1. Diabetic Retinopathy – It happens to be one of the most common fall-outs of Diabetes. In a number of diabetic people, the high blood sugar levels cause damage to the bood vessels in the retina. The disease can lead to blindness in its advanced stages.
  2. Retinopathy Of Prematurity – RoP is seen frequently in premature babies due to abnormal development of retinal blood vessels. It can sometimes lead to retinal detachment and subsequent blindness.
  3. Age-Related Macular Degeneration – Age related damage of Macula can cause AMD which can lead to a permanent vision loss.
  4. Retinal Detachment – It is an emergency condition and each day of delay in surgery keeps reducing the chances of visual recovery.

Problems Identification

Indirect Ophthalmoscopy (IO), Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) are the most common tests used to identify problems that can cause permanent damage due to retinal disorders.

Solutions and Treatment for Retinal Diseases

Depending upon the conditions identified in the tests, patients are either recommended Anti-VEGF therapy, Laser, Vitreoretinal Surgery or Photodynamic Therapy based on the tests mentioned above.


retina specialist doctor in ranchi

Whenever retinal disorders are diagnosed at an earlier stage, immediate medical treatment can be sufficient to limit, or even reverse the severity of the disease.
When the disease is in such an advanced stage that it cannot be cured with primary treatment anymore, then Vitreoretinal Surgery is recommended. It is then our skilful surgeon’s responsibility to determine the most suitable surgery procedure.

Retina Surgery at Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital

Treatment for retinal disorders for infants as well adults is based on the nature of diagnosis. We have world- class infrastructure and the most sophisticated machines in use for diagnosis as well as treatment. Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital has healed patients from all parts of the country. Each one of them going back with more than satisfactory results.


Uveitis is condition in which there is inflammation of the ocular coats. Uveitis can be a purely ocular disease or can have associated systemic illness also. The treatment of uveitis can be a challenge due to recurrent nature of the disease. A detailed eye examination, tests and other laboratory tests may be required for diagnosis of this disease and the systemic disease associated with it. Chronic inflammation gives rise to complicated cataract.

How is Uveitis managed?

The condition is managed with the help of steroid eye drops, intravenous steroid administration, or intraocular steroid implants. Indications of these modes of treatment depend on the specifics of uveitis the patient suffers from. In refractory and chronic cases, or in cases where steroids are not well tolerated by patients, immunomodulatory therapy is also used. In cases of infectious uveitis, systemic or intravitreal antibiotics are used. In certain cases, surgical intervention by means of vitrectomy may be necessary.